Age Appropriate House Chores for Kids

by yourcleaningfairy - March 1, 2019

Age Appropriate House Chores for Kids

Did you know that getting your kids involved in daily house chores is a good thing to do? How do you know age appropriate house chores for kids? In order to get them involved in family life and enjoy every bit of life together, knowing the chores that fit your kid’s age and ability is a brilliant idea. When you get your kids involved in family activities like house cleaning, organizing, preparing meals or gardening, you are helping them to be responsible and competent. Their communication, cooperation, negotiation and teamwork skills will also get a boost.

At Which Age Should I Get My Kid Involved In House Chores?

There are age appropriate house chores for kids as young as 2 years and above. The earlier you start getting them involved the better, because you make them experience a sense of belonging at younger age. Your kids will grow up knowing that they always need to be involved in family life. Always make sure that the tasks you assign them fit their ability, otherwise it becomes dangerous and frustrating.

House Chores for Kids Aged 2-5 Years.

2-5 years old kids can be engaged in simple house chores like:

  • Organize games, puzzles, toys and books
  • Clean up their playroom
  • Put their shoes on the rack
  • Put clothes on clothes hooks
  • Set dinner table placements
  • Collect trash
  • Help with grocery shopping

At this age, you are encouraged to work together with your child until they are ready to do it on their own. For example, they can hand you wet clothes as you hang to dry, or help sort clothes ready for storage. Your aim should be to seek boosting your connection and bond as you help your kids to be responsible, hardworking and independent adults. Train little kids to play outside while older kids are carrying on their house chores. This helps avoid distracting them and chores are done fast.

House Chores for Kids Aged 6-12

At the age of 6 years, a child can be able to decide which chores to do. They can:

  • Make their bed and keep the bedroom tidy
  • Dust the furniture
  • Organize books
  • Help choose meals and shopping
  • Help prepare light meals and serving under supervision
  • Feed pets

Involve your teenage kids in family discussion about house chores. It’s good to get the kids involved in contributing to the daily running of the family. At this age, they can be actively involved in most cleaning activities like vacuuming the rooms, cleaning the bathroom, preparing most meals, cleaning the garage, washing clothes, baby sitting and more.

How to Get Your Kids Motivated With House Chores?

If asked, most kids would want to spend most of their time on screen, playing games or relaxing. It’s your responsibility to help them understand the value of work and why they should be involved in house chores. Motivate your kids by talking to them, working together with them, showing interest in their chores, rewarding them for good job done. Assign chores for each one of them every day of the week. Praise any positive behavior and correct the bad behavior. Ensure there is fair chore rotation among family members.