Green Cleaning With Vinegar

by yourcleaningfairy - May 16, 2018

white vinegar for green cleaning

Vinegar As A Green-Cleaning Agent.

White vinegar is a primary source of green cleaning products. The clear liquid substance, that is acidic, comes from alcohol that is going through the fermenting process. This fermenting agent contains ninety-five percent of water and five percent acetic acid. This is not standard as vinegar acidity varies depending on its contents. However, when it comes to cleaning the five percent acidic property is the general rate, but most people prefer to use vinegar that has a stronger acidic percentage to clean areas in the home such as the toilet.

There are two categories of vinegar, namely: non-organic and organic vinegar. These two come in different types: balsamic, malt, apple cider, champagne, rice wine and distilled white vinegar. It is the distilled white vinegar, which is the most common vinegar based green cleaning agent.

Vinegar As A Disinfectant.

It has a pH of 2.0 meaning that it does not support microorganism life making it the perfect cleaner. Vinegar prevents the growth of mold and is a very strong germicide. Studies show that its germicide strength resembles that of the wipes that kill the Human Influenza A/H1N1 virus. When it is diluted, it can still manage to prevent e.coli from developing and surviving on sponges and surfaces. When used as a wash, this agent is responsible for the reduction of about ninety-five percent of the viruses.

Uses Of White Vinegar When Cleaning.

  • Undiluted vinegar could help in getting rid of mildew stains on the tiles or chopping board disinfection. The diluted one could help in general cleaning in the house.
  • The high acidity level found in the concentrated vinegar loosens the deposits of minerals like rust and lime. It also aids in dissolving scum because of its alkaline properties. This makes it well placed to clean the kitchen and bathroom.
  • It helps in cleaning areas such as the grills, stoves, cook tops, and ovens.
  • It removes wax from wood. Thus, if your floors contain a buildup of wax then this is the best detergent to use when removing the wax.
  • It eliminates stains such as those formed from tea and coffee. These stains are mainly found on the coffee makers, cups, and the kitchen sink.
  • It deodorizes odors in the bathroom and kitchen. This could work with a spritz of diluted vinegar.
  • It could be used as a fabric softener when doing laundry.

Take note that vinegar does not work well when used on marble. This is because its acidic content can tamper with the quality and appearance of the marble. This is why most people prefer to dilute it before use depending on the specific cleaning area.

At Your Cleaning Fairy, cleaning services in Calgary, our favourite vinegar based product is a water-vinegar mixture for streak free mirror cleaning.