How to Keep a Pet-Friendly House Clean

by yourcleaningfairy - February 25, 2019

pet friendly house clean

It’s hard not to love our furry friends. Even when they constantly drool all over the carpet and leave fur everywhere, we can’t help but love them back. When they lovingly wag their tails or snuggle up close to you, ditching them for a cleaner house is not an option.

Despite your love for dogs fueling your efforts, juggling a clean house and a furry friend is near impossible. With that in mind, we’ve compiled top tips to keep your pet-loving house cleaner and fresher for longer.

Invest in An Automatic Vacuum

Fur is not the only thing to worry about when it comes to cleaning up after your pet. They also tend to leave traces of leaves and dirt in the house after a good roll outside. Hence, vacuuming after them can easily turn into a full-time job.

Instead of using up all your energy, why not invest in an automatic vacuum? Depending on the type you purchase, you can program it to vacuum on a certain schedule. You can also purchase those that you can leave running for a particular time-period.

Cover Up Your Furniture

By now, you already know all the spots in your house that your furry friend tends to favor.  Be it a couch or a certain rug, you’ve already noted their tendency to snuggle up on them. Why not try covering those spots up with an old bed sheet?

This way, all the fur and dirt collect on the sheet instead of on the furniture. Once they are in need of cleaning, you can easily vacuum them or replace them with another cleaner bed sheet. This also helps preserve the durability of your furniture.

Arm Yourself with A Lint Roller

If you have a pet dog in your house, pretty much every corner of your house has traces of fur. Needless to say, even your clothes bear testament to the existence of your furry friend. Vacuuming can only do so much. Arm yourself with a lint brush. This way, you can brush of areas of the house that the vacuum can’t. For instance, your pillows, throw pillows, lamp shades and clothes.

Keep Your Furry Friends Clean

A clean pet equals a clean house. This doesn’t mean that they should be restricted from playing outside. It simply means that you’ll have to be extra careful of the dirt you let inside the house.

After walks or playtime outside, you can quickly splash them down with clean water. Also, pay extra attention to their feet while washing them down. To help their fur dry up faster, try and dry them up thoroughly using a clean towel.

If it’s too much, at least have them wipe their paws on a mat outside their dog. Of course, this should be followed up by a weekly cleaning session with shampoo and clean water.

Clean Up Your Pet’s Things

Try and have a schedule that allows you to clean your pets’ belongings regularly. This can be anything from their toys to their bedding and bed. Dog and cat odor tends to build up over time. Cleaning them helps up clear the odor and keeps the house smelling nice.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed with the house cleaning, call one of the best services in the city.